They say that variety is the spice of life, and I never shy away from bringing plenty of spice to our sessions. My play style is one which aims to mix elements of pleasure and pain, release and denial, cruelty and tenderness, and much more besides.

As a top, I will break you down to the barest elements of your being, exposing your fantasies, your vulnerabilities, and your darkest and innermost desires. From that debased level – the lowest of the low – there is only one way to go… and that’s to build you back up again, tease by tease, until you’re a new and empowered man once more.

I can’t deny that I have a deeply sadistic side, and that I take huge pleasure in watching my toys and slaves suffer from either the pain I administer, or the frustration I provide. It should come as no surprise, then, that orgasm control and denial is a particular specialism of mine. By giving your pleasure over entirely to me, I decide when, if, and how you can come… and that eager, hungry, desperate look of frustration that fills your eyes is something that drives me utterly wild.

In fact, the sight of a submissive, obedient man on his knees before me, begging for release, is something which never fails to get my pulse beating faster with sadistic and dominant pleasure.

I’m turned on by taboo, by the forbidden, and by the secret lusts and desires of men. For me, few things are more deliciously erotic than feminizing a man, reducing him and utilising him as my bitch, my plaything, my toy to do with whatever I want. To spank his cheeks until they glow with pain, and to feel his trepidation and fear over whatever will come next… this is the key to making my sadistic heart pound with excitement!


Across 5+ years of experience in domination, I have discovered and uncovered so much when it comes to variations with which to play, ways to tease, and methods to excite the psyche and sexuality of my companions. The fact that I have studied psychology at university level has helped enormously in understanding human needs, our deepest fears, and how we’re driven by our desires and darkest secrets.

I never stop seeking knowledge, and I’m more than aware of the fact that I’ve barely touched the surface of a monumental kink-filled iceberg. For example, right now I’m focusing on learning the art of kinbaku, and it is my hope that I’ll be able to offer my submissives more advanced and sophisticated bondage sessions in the months to come.

Mistress Diana

Stockholm Professional Dominatrix