Power is sexy. Objectification is art. Sacrifice is erotic.

Men all too often see submission as weakness, as pathetic, and as the antithesis to what masculinity should be all about. They couldn’t be further from the truth if they tried: submission is a strength.

Through my eyes, the reality of BDSM and domination is abundantly clear. It’s valuable and potent tool for personal development, and a lasting form of mental training, which can transform the sexual, personal, and even professional lives of my play partners. This is something that can be easily discovered with my help, services, and expertise: you’ll be exposed to and taken on a journey which is rich with intense sensations, erotic encounters, and powerful emotions. To get through the ordeal I’ll expose you to – to make it to the other side, so to speak – is to be changed, strengthened, and imbued with energy which flows throughout your everyday life.

While I’d argue that submission is a strength, I’d also claim that domination is a constructive force, and that bondage is an experience in which true freedom can be found. Happiness in slavery, liberation in chains, and discovering a genuine sense of self in sacrificing your identity… all are oxymorons, all are contradictions, and yet all are true.

Our everyday lives are filled with power struggles, and this dog-eat-dog world grows more aggressive year on year. In my company, you can let go of all these worries and cares, and you can leave your powerful mask at the door. With me, there’s no need to play a role – you can feel small, expose your vulnerability, and feel cared for. With me, you no longer need to be a man. You can be an object. You can be a whore. You can be all mine, and I’ll make you fall in love with every second of the process.

My kinky games are artfully crafted, inspired by my knowledge of the male mind and the pressures of the male persona. They sit somewhere between performance pieces and an expression of my true sexuality, carefully constructed to allow you to connect with your true inner self. The fact that they’re also a huge amount of fun is a bonus you’re sure to find delight in…