The age of man, of men, and of the masculine has reigned for many cycles, many moons, and many, many aeons. With it has come darkness and fire, flashes of light and the dust of fallen empires. It is lucky, she thinks to herself, that is has been an age of maya– an age of illusion, and nothing more.

In the night, her skin shines with her arousal. Beneath the blood-red moon, her teeth glint against the starlight. Each hand grips a whip, a paddle, a tool with which to punish, to correct, to cure. She will make this world anew, one pathetic male body – ground beneath her many heels – at a time. In her vengeance, there is passion. Her thighs embrace his body as a serpent around a tree, and she writhes in pleasure as the breath is forced from his lungs.

Her skin the colour of the sky, her tongue as red as blood. She is worshipful in every way, she is the end of all things, and yet she is an end which mankind prays for. She will make them pay, she will make them suffer. She is eternal. She is she.

Mistress Diana

Stockholm Professional Domina & FemDom Goddess