Your fantasies, your sexual personae, and your most secret and perverted desires come from a deep place within you. By lighting a candle in the darkest parts of yourself, you can start to bring even the naughtiest kinks into the light… and once exposed, they’re all mine to play with.

I have always been open to delicious new erotic experiences, new dirty fantasies, and finding ways to delight my body and senses to new heights of pleasure. My desire to dominate and take control of my submissive partners is something that continually fascinates and arouses me. The more I discover about dominant side and my love of sexual power exchanges, the more I realise that Mistress Diana has been within me all these years, waiting to escape from beneath my prim and sophisticated exterior.

As my slaves have all realised, the pleasure of denying and controlling my lovers’ orgasms has always been something that came naturally to me. Once I started adding bondage, discipline, and my trusty whip to my love of tease and denial, it became clear that BDSM fit me like a latex glove, and it grew into my favourite obsession. Today, it’s obvious to both myself and my toys where my path lies: BDSM is my lifestyle and my part-time work… and nothing satisfies me more than being worshipped by one of my little subs.